News in shoes

Now things are back in fashion, this time it is sneakers, those big shoes the Buffalos from

the 90`s. These Buffalos were shown on the catwalk in the Haute Couture fashion week i Paris now.

skoThese shoes are meant to go with dresses as well as with pants.

The most trendy shoes you may have now are those lumpy solid sneakers.

It is comfortable to wear I agree to that, but not very pretty to be honest.

But if you were oe of those who wore those big Buffalos that The Spice girls promoted in the 90`s you may now put them on again and be the hottest person on the sidewalk.


The second hottes trend in shoes is the cowboyboots. This autumn you may wear those brown boots with pointed tip and coarse heels.

Not with much decoration but with focus on the seams. They are like anckle boots, so not too high.

On the catwalk showing fashion for the autumn colours as yellow, blue and purple were shown.

adult-ankle-boots-blur-977908See these yellow shoes, this is how you shall look this autumn.




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