Hot summer

What a beautiful summer.

And the summer fashion shows sparkling colours.. It is just so you have to wear sunglasses.bright-clouds-color-907485

The colours of the season is bright it is like candy and it is alo like an explotion of colours. LIke when the designers want to tell us that the future is bright.

It is a colour attack.



Lilic is the new , buy yourself a lilac bag. Or a scarf, something to show you are still going.

Princess Diana and the late 80`s back.

Diana in her wedding dress


With puff jackets, high-  waisted   jeans, pristine white slouchy boots and big shouldered printed dresses.

Feather , do you like it, well wear it.

Feather on jackets are hot.  Use feathers and colours and jus have fun. beautiful-blur-close-up-736845

It is not rain friendly but so what?

It is fun. Or maby you love fringes, well what do you think og this jacket?

The thing is that in way you just do as you like. Me? I think I have never seen so much colours in my life. I mean there is an explotion of creations and a mix of new and old fashion put togheter. frynser

When one magazine show some thing new and you get asstonished , then another takes you breath away. What will be next?

I think maby those designers now have a hard job finding something new, but who knows, this is something we have said since the early 60`s. What comes next?

There is always fun to wait for the newest designs showing on the catwalk or in the magazines.

While we wait for this enjoy the summer and everything about it, if it is the bright colours or you have bought yourself a new scarf or a new bag.beach-dawn-dune-662994

Enjoy !!



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