Not youtube, google nor facebook.

I guess you use all of these medias to search for the things you are looking for.

I do too. Of course, we all do. And sometimes it is like we do not know anything by ourselves, or remember anyhing. We have to google it all.

But I remember many things when it comes to clothes and what we wore in the 70`ties.

Everyone has to google or look at youtube to see thing from the past. It is like everyone has forgotten things. I mean earlier we had diaries and we wrote down things and then we could look back and read. Now we have to read others memories.

I have kept my diary from I was young, but I have clear memories of many outfits that I have worn.

Make love not war

Like from the 1970`s I was a kind of a hippie with hat and always long skirts which I hadapple-book-break-261889

made myself. I went in to Oslo and bought fabrics and sewed them. Not only for myself but also for friends. It was so fun.

It was a nice time. Ithe words “make love not war” was so into my brain and thoughts of how the world could change. I even thought I could change it if I only got somewhere to make a speach, everyone would listen to me. I was so naive.  Thinking about it now it was a kind of childish.


automobile-car-classic-car-68256I loved my beetle. His name was Roy. He was 8 years old when he came to us. Or rather to me.

Even thought it was my father that had to work on it when it was sick. And I made hin sick because I did not know how to take care of him. I only used him. And he was faithful to me so the day he died I cried. I still long for Roy.


When I was 17 I went on Interrail. That was fun. I went together with a friend of mine. And we travelled to England, France and Italy.

The best place was Corsica. We had so much fun, and of course as we were only 17 we met boys. And we had some laughs but no romance.

Corsica was so great and so beautiful. And of course when you are young you do not think about weather, you just having fun and enjoy meeting new people. It is like everything is new and my mind was like a spunge. I soaked every new experience with laughter and with a smile. Nothing was an obstackle, just fun.

An not did we have google , facebook nor a cellphone. How did we manage? We had to look at maps and find the way. We even had to talk to people and ask for guidance, and we talked with each other too, all the time.

apps-blur-button-267350We had fun without youtube. Can you imagine?

It was possible. active-activity-beach-40815

Our outfits in 1973

mote 70

How fun fashion, how fun it was to wear all those outfits that came after the Hippie decade. We were not Hippies but some looke like it in some ways .

I enjoyed the 70`s bit of course the decades after too, but as I was young and hopeful and slim , I justed danced through the decade. It was a time of promise.backlit-beach-christian-356642

Nothing was scameful or wrong. Or even bad, everything we did was ok. Even the area of work lay in front of us as something we could just pick the best off. Nobody talked about pollution or overspending or that we had to think of recycling anything. It was a time of use and discard. And we did. Overall we thought mostely of ourselves. And we were happy.

More about the fashion

But back to the outfits, it was clothes made mostly of cotton. Long skirts and long white tunics. Often influenced by indian colours and embroderies.


Of course it was not only cotton and long tunics , we also had jeans of course ! And the funny of it is that one can see similar outfits today as it was 40 years ago.

Just look at these 2 jackets and see for yourself :

milan-popovic-596863-unsplashLook for yourself, which one is from 1970 and whic one is from 2018? Read the answer at the bottom of the blog.


The one on the right was from the 70`S and the other is from 2018. I almost forgot which is the oldest and which one is the new one, but after googled it again I remember it.

And if I did`t have google I would not find the picktures to show you, so maby this decade is a good one too. With youtube, google and facebook.


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