Re make, re fashion, and redesign

Even famous companies re fashion clothes.



A company in Finland, Pure Waste Textile, has a business model where they  take leftover fabric and turn it into a new, usable piece of clothing.

This technique will allow clothes to be recycled time and time again, and divert millions of textiles from ending up in the landfill each year.


H & M and Zara is two large companies in fashion that has started an opportunity for customers to deliver used clothes in their shops for recycling. H&M says it has collected about 40,000 tonnes of garments since launching its scheme in 2013.

Zara,which started installing collection bins during 2016 in stores across Europe, says it will soon have completed installation in all of its stores across China. The Inditex brand is donating the collected clothing to charities including the Red Cross.

This new way of thinking about our way of buying this huge amount of clothes and, and how to recyckle it started some years ago. And maby it was not that hard to get people doing so either because they used phrases like: creating the new and let us make some new fashionable jeans out of your old ones. For your taste……

But this is not true, not all true anyway.

Only about 15 % is recycled into new garments. This has been an issue that I feel is wrong to trow back as it would be wrong to mislead people.Another issue is that some voices say that those large clothing companies has this recycling programs just to make people buy more, like a adverating stunt to get more customers into their shops.

Recycling is a goo thing, everybody thinks so. But getting the facts and figues right is of course fine.

London Fashion week

In february on London fashion week two designers showed clothes made from plastic.

They said they used fashion for promoting politics.

Stella Mccartney has handbags in her collection made out of water bottles. As a person that is  aware of not only what she eats but also of the environment, and she is a leading designer that set recycling on the map.




One of my big interest is to redesign clothes. It is a hobby you may try if you like to sew.

There is no limit or answers to how the result should be. You may use all your imagination and just take those clothes you have and redesign it.

dreamstime_xxl_45383227Yes I hear: I say JUST. Well I know that word seam a bit like it is easy to do it. And that it is something everybody can do. I fact it is something everybody can do.

You JUST start ! dreamstime_xxl_109899305When you have found the garment you want to redesign, you may JUST

clamp-clips-close-up-160824find the scissors and cut off the sleves, or cut the garment in two and sew a zipper on. This is also a redesign.

Redesign does not mean totally make over. It can be small adjustments.

When you have done this and maby looked at some magazines too you will get new ideas. It is just your own imagination that creates new garment you like.

Remember that it is your taste that matters.






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