5 hottest trends this summer

candy-colorful-colourful-108370I scream ice cream

The colours we see in magazines about summer fashion is all those colours we may choose in ice cream.

Show your sweet side and put on some pink, lilac or yellow clothes. Use your imagination, think smooth, mellow and flavour of a large soft ice cream.

Ad  some jeans to some nice flats and you can run into the summer evenings and have fun. The pastels colours make us feel light and sweet and we tend to get those pretty thoughts and memories from youth. I certainly do.


Flowers in the air flowers everywhere


I have in a blog post earlier written that we, by that I mean those of us that has passed 60 should not wear flowered dresses. But if you have a nice dress, a dress which is a pencil dress or a dress that fits your figure and it not a long baggy one , this summer is the time to wear it. Put on the dress you love and wear those flowers like it is a flower field of colours.

What else is there to be joyful and spirited by than a filed of flowers everywhere?

Denim double up


Wear denim both on top and bottom, and put on your pink , pastel coat as you wish.

Jeans are most welcome this year, and also all outfits that has the same colour on top and bottom.

As a nice, sporty and classy suit.wnd70w_t20_EP2rEY.comp

Now you have the checks and the blue which is nice together with jeans, at you choiche.

I myself has always loved checks and stripes , so I have therefor never bothered if it is into fashion or not. Especially black and white stripes, I just love it. It it something fashionable and timeless about it, I think. And if you notice , in some way you may always find some black and white outfits in the shops ( happy for me ) .


Clashing colours

When you were a child you took the colours you had in your paint casket and clashed it togheter and painted with it.

If you are able to do that in your imagination you may put that into reality this summer. Just clash all the colours you like, and add some you do not like too into a personal outfit only you have. Be your own designer and use your imagination. It it fun being adult and childish .

abstract-acrylic-art-1061778 See all those colours, you like, or imagine a rainbow and do as yu like for an outfit.

Maby you think it is too much, then put on some rainbow shoes and wear it to your favorite outfit.




1980`s back ?

Do you remember Princess Di? Of course you do. Do you remember those big shoulders we had in the 1080`s ? Of course you do . Who can forget that, I can`t. I liked it, and now it is back. Especially those puff arms on the blouses.

But I have to admit I would not recommend to use it, not if you are going to a 80`s party anyway. We are just too old, Sorry I had to mention it sooner or later.

But it is cute though. But it is the 1980`s and those days are gone.1980



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