4 important things to consider : Adventures, simplicity, fun and strenght.




First I think of when I get up in the morning is a cup of coffe.background-beverage-break-910086

Those moments when it is quit and you have only one thing to do and that is to do nothing. Just enjoy the moment and the coffe.

The next thing I have to think about is what kind of shoes would it be smart to wear today.

Sometimes one does thing difficult, or think thing are more difficult than they really are.

As being social or meeting new people. But  you are never too old to get in contact with others, or make new friendship. I fell that as I have lived for more that 60 years I am more confident to meet new people. I know which one I want to get to know and which one I pass.

Do it simple, just see if you like those new acquaintance or not, as simple as that.


Am I going for a walk, or maby I will be social today, or even having some business matters to attend to. Or just go out into the world in some jeans and see what comes my way. Then I will put on some boots, not cowboyboots, but maby some though ankelboots and be in the adventures  state of mind.

I think some boots will do the trick of being seen.adventure-balance-balanced-7640

And also have som fun by just laugh , cause that is the best way of letting other people see that you are a person worthwile to get in contact with. You show that you are not a scary person but someone they can spend some fun time with.

A smile on your face is better than facial cream for removing wrinckles.


Having a pair of sensible high heeled shoes make you show off a a person that is into business, a strong person that knows what you want. If it is starting of a business or if you have some business to atend to. Your image is of an intelligent and professional person.

There 4 ways, adventures, fun, simplicity and strengt make you a person everyone likes to meet and get to know. So then your 60 years are a benefit for you.

So have your coffe and go out and enjoy 🙂





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